Our Vision & Values

Sui Jun’s Vision

Sui Jun’s strive to be a top-tier logistics services provider in China and Asia Pacific Region to provide reliable and quality service to our customers to enhance their supply chain efficiency.

Sui Jun’s Values

Sui Jun’s values – SUCCESS – are the principles the organization follows and conducts business. It gives a clear direction on how each Sui Jun’s staff should conduct their work.


We believe that by helping our customers, employees and stakeholders to achieve success in their goals, our organization will achieve sustainable growth.


We believe each customer is unique and our service should be tailored to match each customer’s unique set of requirements.

Commitment to Customers

We are committed to delivering quality services expected by our customers and will act on this commitment to deliver optimal results.

Change Management

The business environment is ever-changing and we believe in modeling our business to take advantage of these changes using new technologies and innovative solutions.


We aim to do business with integrity and ethics, following clear ethical guidelines and all applicable laws in the different jurisdictions we operate in.

Service Quality

To provide quality services for our customers with effective and innovative solutions that can enhance customer’s supply chain.

Social Responsibility

We believe in contributing to the community and society we operate in through charity work and environmental friendly conscious in our business practices.